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CBD Oil User Manual

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How to use our CBD products

CBD, short for cannabidiol, a famous hemp-derived cannabis compound, comes in numerous forms, and each CBD oil product type offers its unique consumption methods. Once you look through our inventory at CBDsense, you’ll find various products, and choosing one can get challenging with so many options, especially without CBD instructions in place. There’s no single correct way to take CBD; that’s why we have created this guide to CBD to help make sense of all CBDsense products to help you find the best match for your desired goals. Knowing how to use each product we offer will help you choose the suitable product type and properly consume CBD to experience its results.

How Do CBD Products Work?

Before we take a deep dive into using CBD products and different ways to take CBD, it’s crucial to understand how CBD itself works.

CBD is a cannabinoid acquired from marijuana’s non-psychoactive cousin cannabis plant – hemp with only trace amounts of THC – the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Unlike marijuana, it won’t get consumers high or cause unwanted side effects due to low concentrations of THC. It is legal in most European countries and federally legal in the U.S., where millions of consumers are taking CBD daily, claiming to experience varying benefits and desired effects without experiencing side effects of THC.

CBD is famous as a wellness supplement, and it works by interacting with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in humans and animals, which scientists first discovered in 1992 at Mechoulam’s lab. The newly discovered system plays a crucial role in many body processes. ECS is fueled by human cannabinoids – endocannabinoids -endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters. They bind to endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body to activate the ECS and play a role in body functions like memory, mood, pain, and homeostasis.

Scientists have identified the two primary cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, the first being predominant in the brain, while the latter exists primarily in the immune system and its cells. When we consume CBD, it supplies the ECS system. It interacts with its receptors without binding to them (THC does and produces euphoric effects) to play a role in numerous body processes without having psychoactive side effects. CBD oil isn’t a drug used for the treatment of certain health conditions but a supplement sold without a prescription. The only CBD drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. is Epidiolex, a prescription medicine used to treat seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.


CBD oil is the most popular way of taking CBD and the first category in our inventory.

There’re two primary reasons for CBD oil’s popularity –convenient consumption method and fast results. Let’s break this down.

1. How to take CBD Oil

CBD oil, also known as a CBD tincture, usually comes with an oral dropper applicator. It allows you to measure the amount of the liquid to consume carefully and, thus, is an excellent feature for first-time users who haven’t yet determined their daily CBD dose. To get started and take CBD oil, drip a few drops under the tongue, hold it for up to a minute, and swallow the oil.

2. CBD Oil’s Results

CBD oil is the fastest-acting oral CBD product due to the sublingual administration method.

According to medical researchers, the sublingual route of drug administration offers the benefit of bypassing the first-pass effect. CBD oil, through sublingual administration, won’t metabolize in your liver and digestive tract before affecting your body, rather than travel from your sublingual vessels directly to your bloodstream.


The bioavailability of CBD oil is the percentage of the cannabidiol your body will absorb. Regardless of how much CBD oil you take, your body won’t absorb 100% of it.

The bioavailability determines how much CBD will make it to your bloodstream, and it significantly depends on the route and mode of administration. The study on rabbits showed that sublingual delivery of CBD oil provides more bioavailability than oral products. That’s because the sublingual administration allows CBD to make its way directly to the bloodstream, compared to softgels and edibles, which first need to go to the digestive tract. That’s another reason why many people best love CBD oil – it can deliver more potent results than other oral CBD oil products.


Even when products fall into one product category, they will still significantly differ from one another. The primary differences between CBD oils we offer are each product’s flavor, potency, and chemical profile.

1. Flavor

CBD oils come in different flavors. Some of them are infused with different ingredients to mask CBD’s natural taste, such as Renova peppermint-infused CBD oil. Others come in natural CBD flavors, like Renova CBD oil.

2. Potency

CBD oils vary in potency – the CBD amount per bottle. The dosage of CBD is crucial for CBD’s effects. Some consumers take 50mg CBD per serving to experience the desired effect, while others need only 33mg. That’s why we offer CBD oils in varying potencies so you can choose one best suitable for your daily CBD dosage. Each product description includes information about the CBD dose per bottle. For instance, Endoca CBD Oil 3% contains 300 mg CBD per bottle. The amount of CBD oil is 10ml, so to determine the CBD dosage per serving, divide the total CBD amount 300mg by the amount of the total drops in a CBD oil 10ml, that is about 300 drops – Each drop contains then 1mg CBD. Or 30mg voor a full dropper (1ml). 

3. Chemical Profile

CBD extract derives from hemp, which naturally contains other cannabinoids and compounds rather than CBD. These include the psychoactive THC in trace, non-psychoactive amounts. Some products contain CBD with other naturally-occurring compounds in hemp, while others feature pure CBD extract, which undergoes a refining process to remove other cannabinoids. CBD with other cannabinoids – full-spectrum or RAW CBD is popular due to the famous theory known as the entourage effect – which suggests other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other inactive substances in hemp, positively contribute to the overall experience from CBD. However, some consumers want to consume only CBD, with no other cannabinoids like THC, even in small amounts nor terpenes, flanonoids etc., so they choose pure CBD oil, like Medihemp CBD Oil Pure.

Other Ways to Consume CBD Oil

Although sublingual administration is the traditional method of consuming CBD oil, you can experiment with it by adding a few drops to your beverages, foods, or water. It’s an excellent and easy way to infuse your homemade edibles with CBD; however, keep in mind that in this case, CBD oil will need to travel to your digestive tract first before making its way to the bloodstream.

CBD capsules

CBD capsules, also known as CBD softgels, are another popular CBD oral product type on the market. There are three primary reasons you might consider choosing CBD softgels over other products in the inventory. These are

Consumers searching for tasteless, odorless, and most convenient CBD consumption methods choose CBD softgels. They are easy to take to places as they won’t spill or spoil in your bag and easy to administer by using water to ingest.

Each softgel contains a predetermined CBD oil amount, so you won’t need to do the dosing yourself, and it’s helpful, especially if you are in a constant hurry.

Although CBD softgels will take longer to kick in than CBD oil, capsules provide long-lasting results. CBD capsule dissolves slowly and gradually releases CBD, so the effects last longer.


1. Nanoemulsion Technology

Some CBD softgels like the ones from Renova use nanoemulsion technology, while others feature traditional CBD oil. Nanoemulsion technology shrinks CBD molecules into nanoparticles to make them water-soluble and more bioavailable. It speeds up the effects of softgels and makes them about 5x times more bioavailable than other softgels.

2. Potency

Like CBD oils, CBD softgels differ in potency – the CBD dosage per bottle and serving. You can choose the best product based on your daily CBD dosage.

3. Chemical Profile

Some of the CBD softgels in our inventory are entirely THC-free, like Renova CBD capsules. Others contain all active hemp ingredients, including legal amounts of THC, such as Medihemp CBD capsules RAW.

CBD Skincare Products

CBD skincare products, also known as topicals, work outside of your body so that you can apply them directly to the skin. They work through CBD interacting with endocannabinoid receptors under the skin and other natural ingredients soothing and moisturizing your skin. Topicals are best-loved by athletes and consumers with an active lifestyle who want to enhance their performance or those who need CBD to work in a specific localized area to deal with certain skin conditions.

Topical CBD won’t travel to your bloodstream to experience its results, which is excellent, especially when CBD is needed to work in a specific body part. It may take up to 15 minutes to feel the effects. You can reapply CBD topicals as many times per day as needed.

How to Use CBD Topicals

CBD skincare products differ from one another as much as skincare products themselves – they provide varying outcomes in different parts of the body.

Our CBD skincare products provide different application methods depending on their ingredients, targeted body area, and results.

Zemadol, nurturing CBD cream

You can apply the cream directly to the irritated skin area 2-3 times daily to hydrate sensitive and dry skin.

Aczedol, purifying CBD cream (against pimples)

You can use a small amount of the cream on blemishes 2-3 times per day to purify your skin.

Soridol, nurturing CBD cream

Apply the cream to red, dry, and sensitive skin 2-3 times per day

Cibdol – CBD Heating muscle balm

Apply an even layer to your painful muscles and joints and carefully massage the balsam in the area. You can use the balm before and after exercise or as needed throughout the day.

Endoca – CBD Body Butter

The body butter is suitable for every skin type and is best used after a bath or shower to moisturize and nourish your skin with CBD and natural ingredients like shea butter and beeswax.

Hemptouch Beneficial CBD-balm

Clean and pat dry the skin area and apply the desired amount of CBD balm. It will help fight the sensitive, irritated skin.

Hemptouch calming CBD-balm

Clean and pat dry the skin area and apply the CBD balm. It will help hydrate and revitalize the sensitive, irritated skin.

Renova – Massage Oil with CBD

The oil combines three essential oils – lavender, vanilla & orange, providing an aromatic experience working on your mind through the smell while nourishing your skin with CBD. You can use it on your entire body after a bath or shower.

Endoca Lip Balm

Apply to cracked, dry lips – Endoca lip balm will hydrate, nourish, and protect your lips from harsh environmental factors.

Hemptouch gentle shampoo & shower gel

Use during bath or shower. Wet the hair with lukewarm water, take the shampoo and emulsify in one hand, and massage onto the scalp for approximately 30 seconds. Treat the entire scalp, as well as hair in this way. Rinse with warm water.

Endoca Lip Balm

Apply to cracked, dry lips – Endoca lip balm will hydrate, nourish, and protect your lips from harsh environmental factors.

Hemptouch gentle shampoo & shower gel

Use during bath or shower. Wet the hair with lukewarm water, take the shampoo and emulsify in one hand, and massage onto the scalp for approximately 30 seconds. Treat the entire scalp, as well as hair in this way. Rinse with warm water.

Jacob Hooy CBD Soap

Use the aromatic and nourishing CBD-enriched soap during a shower or bath.

Jacob Hooy CBD Skin Oil

Apply to the clean and dry skin for hydration.

Hemptouch purifying face cleanser

Massage the cleanser into damp skin with fingertips for about 30 seconds and carefully rinse. Designed for irritated and reddened skin to remove blemishes, nurture the skin with essential nutrients, and improve the moisture balance.

Hemptouch Balancing face cream with CBD

Massage the cream on the facial skin twice a day after cleansing to keep your skin smooth and fresh.

Hemptouch Nurturing Face Cream with CBD

Apply to face after cleansing. Soothes and moisturizes the skin

How to Use CBD E-liquids?

To vape CBD oil, you’ll need a refillable vape pen which you’ll fill up with CBD vape juice. Fill the vape tank with CBD e-liquid and wait for at least 5-10 minutes for the coil to saturate. Hit the power button consequently five times to turn on the vape pen. Press the button and inhale.

CBD E-Liquids

CBD E-liquids provide CBD consumption through inhaling the vapor. They offer a flavorful vaporing experience and fast results – like CBD oil administered sublingually, CBD e-liquids will bypass your digestive tract and almost immediately affect your body. CBD e-liquids do not contain nicotine or other harmful substances.

CBD Patches

CBD patches are amongst the most innovative CBD products, and they provide the most effortless consumption method of CBD. You won’t need to taste or orally consume CBD but apply the patch directly to your skin. Although it works through topical application, it’s not a CBD topical, as CBD in the patch will be absorbed into your bloodstream. CBD patches will gradually release CBD after applying over 8-10 hours.


1. Flavors

Harmony CBD e-liquids on CBDsense come in different strain options – meaning they provide different flavors and aromatic experiences so that you can choose one based on your taste preferences.

2. Potency

CBD e-juices come in three potency options – 100mg, 300mg, and 600mg per bottle, allowing you to choose the strength that suits your daily CBD dose.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles offer fun and the most flavorful way of CBD consumption. These mouthwatering snacks will please your taste buds and provide you with a predetermined CBD amount per serving.

CBDsense offers Naturecan CBD edibles such as CBD cookie, CBD brownie double chocolate, CBD brownie – salted caramel, CBD white chocolate, CBD orange cookie, CBD milk chocolate, and CBD dark chocolate. You can consume them anytime throughout the day, as many times as your daily CBD dosage allows.

We also offer Endoca CBD chewing gum with a refreshing peppermint flavor. It’s best not to consume any drinks or food for at least 15 minutes before taking the product. Chew firmly for about 20 minutes and throw the gum in the bin after use.

CBD for Pets

Our four-legged friends also have endocannabinoid systems (ECS) like their owners, so at CBDsense, we offer various CBD products for pets, horses, rodents, and rabbits.

How to Use CBD Products for Pets?

CBD Oil for Cats/Dogs

The CBD oil for pets comes with a dropper applicator, and you can drop the desired amount of the oil directly into your pet’s mouth for quick effects through the sublingual absorption.

However, your restless pets might make it impossible for you to administer the oil without it spilling around the room, so a convenient alternative to sublingual administration is to infuse their food with a few drops of CBD oil.

CBD Hemp Pellets for Horses/Rabbits & Rodents/Birds

CBD hemp pellets are easy to give to pets as you can easily mix their food with the desired amount of pellet. They offer easy dosing with a measuring spoon included with a product.

CBD pastilles for Dogs/Cats

These taste-enhance tablets provide flavorful and convenient consumption methods for your pets. We recommend administering two to six capsules per 10 kilograms of body weight per day.

CBD Isolates

CBD isolates contain up to 99% CBD, with no other cannabinoids or hemp-derived compounds, so you can enjoy CBD without other cannabinoids like THC, which is especially useful if you want to avoid even small THC amounts. We offer Harmony CBD Crystals and Endoca CBD crystals for you to try.

How to Use CBD Isolate Crystals?

You can use the crystals for sublingual administration for fast results. You can also use them to add to a homemade joint or CBD oil or use it with a vaporizer suitable for oil and/or wax. (not all vaporizers are suitable for CBD isolates)


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