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  • Medihemp CBD Oil Pure 10% (10ml)

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What is CBD oil?

On CBDSense you will find the widest range of quality CBD products in Europe.

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. This is one of the 104 substances of the cannabis plant. For several years, products are being produced in which CBD is a prominent ingredient. CBD oil is far and away the most popular form because you can dose very precisely by taking these drops. Another important benefit of the oil is that the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream quickly because it is absorbed by your mucous membranes. Every human body makes cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for many physical processes such as regulating your appetite and energy balance, metabolism and sleep. The endocannabinoid system also plays a role in all kinds of psychological processes.

We sell CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD e-liquids and CBD skincare products. We provide fast and reliable delivery directly from the Netherlands. All the products you find in our online store are in stock and we can send them to you directly. Do you have any questions about our products? We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we are proud of our high-quality level of service! Our team is here to answer all your questions about CBD.

About CBDSense.com

At CBDSense.com our mission is clear. Satisfied customers often tell us:

“After reading the information on your website I finally understood what CBD is and does. Now I know which product fits me best.”

We immediately hit the nail on the head. We inform you with information you can understand. No long lists containing a bunch of chemical terms you’ve never heard of before, but just correct and clear information. The fact that you’re looking for CBD-based products tells us that don’t have time to spend your nights looking for answers all over the internet.

How do you use it?

There are different types of CBD-based products and each requires a different delivery system. CBD oil is the most popular product, and it’s best to drip the product under the tongue and swallow it after 30 seconds. You can also dilute it with water or fruit juice, or you can mix it with food. Products like CBD paste and CBD crystals can be placed under the tongue as well, or they can be used to provide CBD for your homemade weed oil. CBD capsules are taken with water. Products for the skin are to be applied directly to the skin.

How strong?

We sell CBD products with a strength that varies between 2,5% and 18%. This percentage indicates the percentage of cannabidiol (CBD) present in the oil, so a 2,5% jar of 10ml contains about 250mg of active CBD. We recommend the 2,5% type for kids and pets, the 5% is the average concentration, the 10% and 18% are the heavier concentrations.

Which dosage?

It’s complicated to provide an unambiguous answer to this question. The dosage differs from person to person. It’s important to always listen to your body. We always advise starting with one drop in the morning and one in the evening on the first day and increase the dose daily with one drop until the dose feels right for you.

What’s the difference between hemp and cannabis?

Most people think that hemp and cannabis (weed) are the same things, but that’s most certainly not the case. Hemp plants are mainly used for industrial and medicinal purposes, while cannabis plants are mostly used for recreational purposes. Both plants do belong to the same family, but they differ in terms of the concentration of active substances, THC and CBD especially. Hemp plants contain a lot of CBD and little THC, while cannabis plants contain a lot of THC and very little CBD. THC is the substance that makes people feel stoned (or high), which is why it is forbidden in the Netherlands.

What’s the difference between weed oil and CBD oil?

If you’re looking for CBD oil then you probably have heard of weed oil as well. This oil is also referred to as cannabis oil, THC oil, Mediweed oil or Rick Simpson oil. The plant of which the oil is made makes the difference. If it’s made of the previously mentioned hemp plant then we call it CDB oil, while if it’s made from the cannabis plant we call it cannabis oil. These two are often incorrectly mixed up. Weed oil contains a lot of THC and little THC, while CBD oil contains a lot of CBD and little THC.
If you want to buy weed oil then remember that it’s not legal in the Netherlands, which is why it’s not regulated, or in other words: you never know what you’re buying. You can make THC oil yourself, but we don’t recommend that due to the risk involved and the fact that the strength of the THC can vary considerably.

In what way are weed oil and CBD oil differently?

CBD is often considered as the little brother of THC. However, because there is so little CBD in cannabis oil, it is always advisable to also use CBD oil.

We can not and do not want to make medical claims in connection to CBD-based products. These are part of the European laws and regulations, and all producers, stores and web shops need to adhere to them.

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