Buying, ordering, or making Rick-Simpson oil

Those who search the Internet for cannabis oil will certainly encounter Rick-Simpson oil. Rick-Simpson oil is a type of cannabis oil with a high THC concentration. Consequently, it cannot be purchased legally in The Netherlands. Rick-Simpson oil is especially well known for its beneficial effects in the case of cancer.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson oilRick Simpson is an engineer from Canada, who had no connection to cannabis. This changed due to a diverse set of circumstances, which made him discover cannabis’ positive effects. It all started in 1997, when he suffered an occupational accident. He fell from a ladder, and landed on his head, hard. When he came to, he went to see a doctor. Simpson explained that his head felt as if it was going to explode, but no doctor saw any danger and they all sent him home. After a number of days he still felt ill, and started hearing a loud beep. He once again went to the first aid, where his blood pressure was taken, and medication was prescribed. However, the medication did not have any effect: the tinnitus remained, and he generally felt like a zombie.

Because Simpson had seen a documentary about the beneficial effects of cannabis, he started to read up about the subject. He discontinued his prescribed medication, and started producing his own cannabis oil. After some months his tinnitus was reduced to a bearable level, and his blood pressure had returned to normal. For Rick Simpson, this was evidence that cannabis had a beneficial effect.

Rick-Simpson oil and cancer

The story of Simpson does not stop at these events. Some years later, he found several bumps on his arm, and was diagnosed with skin cancer. He remembered reading a study of the effects of cannabis on cancer, and put his own oil on the bumps, which disappeared four days later. From that moment onwards, the Rick-Simpson oil became increasingly popular. Of course, many people wanted to get their hands on this panacea, which could supposedly cure cancer. Soon after, Simpson started treating people with cancer, often successfully. A couple of years later a documentary was made about Rick-Simpson oil, and about some of the people who were successfully treated. This documentary, titled “Run from the Cure”, can be found online. Since the documentary, the demand for Rick-Simpson oil has increased drastically, and Simpson has treated over 5000 patients in 10 years, with the help of his Phoenix Tears Foundation.

Making Rick Simpson oil

As indicated above, Rick-Simpson oil cannot legally be purchased in The Netherlands, due to its high THC concentration. Our webshop can be visited for the great and legal alternative of CBD oil.

The process of making Rick Simpson oil is pretty dangerous, as the evaporation of ethanol causes the chance of an explosion risk.  A safer alternative is, of course, using CBD oil, which you do not have to make, but which you can buy via our webshop.

The advantage of CBD oil over cannabis oil

We do not doubt the medicinal effects of Rick-Simpson oil. However, CBD oil, also called hemp oil, has a number of important advantages over cannabis oil. The Rick-Simpson oil has a medicinal effect in the case of cancer, but is much too ‘heavy’ in the case of other syndromes and illnesses. Due to the high THC concentration in the Simpson oil you can get high, which is an effect not desired by everyone. Furthermore, in many cases CBD is a necessary active ingredient because it relieves pain and other symptoms. Cannabis oil contains very little CBD, while CBD oil contains a very high percentage of CBD. Therefore, Rick-Simpson oil is often used together with CBD oil, to enhance the potency of THC. CBD oil, in turn, contains a small percentage of THC, which can enhance the medicinal effects of CBD. This THC percentage is so small that CBD oil is not covered by the Dutch Opium Law.

Hence, CBD oil is much easier to acquire than Rick-Simpson oil. It can be ordered easily via our webshop, and will be delivered within a few days, or even the next day. As such you do not have to buy marijuana illegally, and engage in the risky process of making the oil yourself.

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