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Cbdsense uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the safest, most secure shopping experience possible. All your information, including passwords and credit card numbers, will be encrypted (scrambled) during your online transactions. Also all the forms on the website all secured with SSL technology so all your information stays safe.

Payment options

We offer a variety of different payment options:


Most popular payment method in the Netherlands and some surrounding countries.

Credit card

We accept Visa and Mastercard that have been issued in EU countries.

Bank transfer

When you don’t have an EU issued credit card or you can’t choose any other choice of payment, we offer this form of payment for every country. Maybe there is another reason why you want to pay upfront by bank, then this is your chance. Payment by bank can take some days before your order is processed.


Most popular payment method for Belgium customers

Klarna – Pay by invoice

For some countries, we offer payment by invoice by Klarna. When you choose this payment method, you’ll be notified directly if you’re eligible to pay by invoice. If so, you can place your order and you will receive an invoice that you can pay directly to Klarna within 14 days. For more information you can visit


Very popular payment method for Germany.

We don’t offer Paypal

Despite the fact that Paypal is a very popular and easy way to pay, they won’t allow cannabis-related products to be sold through their system. So, unfortunately, we cannot offer this payment method.

Payment methodYour order will be shipped:
iDEALPayment succeded before 18:00? We ship the same day!
BancontactPayment succeded before 18:00? We ship the same day!
VisaPayment succeded before 18:00? We ship the same day!
MastercardPayment succeded before 18:00? We ship the same day!
Sofort BankingPayment succeded before 18:00? We ship the same day!
BanktransferWe ship your order the same day as we receive your payment. (1-2 days)

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