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A man holding a bottle of cbd oil on a football field.

CBD in Sports: Navigating the Shift in Medicine Views

Sports Medics Warm to CBD and Cannabis: A Paradigm Shift in Attitude In a groundbreaking ...
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2 January 2024
A group of people sitting around a table with marijuana.

Exploring US Trends in Emerging Cannabinoids Usage – Survey Insights

Discover the latest trends in cannabinoid usage across the US, exploring the rise of CBD, CBG, and CBN, and their evolving role in health and ...
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20 December 2023
A group of elderly people sitting in a living room.

Rising Cannabis Use Among US Seniors: Health Impacts Explored

111 Amidst the changing societal landscape, a recent University of Michigan study has unveiled a significant increase in cannabis use among older adults in the ...
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11 December 2023
A group of people sitting around a table with an x-ray image on the screen.

Health Risks: Combining Marijuana & Cigarette Smoking

Study Reveals Heightened Lung Damage from Combined Marijuana and Cigarette Smoking In an eye-opening revelation ...
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7 December 2023
Ancient Milanese Crypt - 17th Century

Historic Discovery: Cannabis Compounds Found in 17th Century Milanese Bones

Curious findings from a 17th-century hospital crypt in Milan, Italy, have unveiled a groundbreaking revelation ...
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4 December 2023


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