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  • Health Risks: Combining Marijuana & Cigarette Smoking

Health Risks: Combining Marijuana & Cigarette Smoking

Study Reveals Heightened Lung Damage from Combined Marijuana and Cigarette Smoking

In an eye-opening revelation at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting, recent research has uncovered the amplified risk of lung damage when smoking marijuana in conjunction with cigarettes.

Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of Marijuana and Cigarette Smoking

Contrary to the popular belief that marijuana smoking is benign, emerging research presented at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting suggests a different narrative. This groundbreaking study draws attention to the potential risks associated with smoking marijuana, especially when combined with cigarette smoking. While the dangers of cigarette smoking are well-documented, this study pioneers in shedding light on the less explored territory of marijuana’s impact on lung health.

The Prevalence and Rising Concern of Marijuana Use

Marijuana holds the title of the most commonly used illicit psychoactive substance globally. Its consumption has notably risen in Canada following the 2018 legalization of non-medical marijuana, as pointed out by Jessie Kang, M.D., a cardiothoracic radiologist and assistant professor at Dalhousie University. Despite its widespread use, the research on marijuana’s effects, particularly on lung health, remains scarce.

A Unique Study Approach

To delve into the effects of marijuana and cigarette smoking, a team of researchers embarked on a multicenter prospective study. They meticulously analyzed chest CT images from four distinct groups: non-smokers, exclusive cigarette smokers, exclusive marijuana smokers, and individuals who smoked both substances. The study was rigorous in its selection, including only marijuana smokers who had used the substance at least four times a month for over two years, excluding those who consumed marijuana through edibles or oral drops.

Alarming Findings on Lung Health

This study’s findings are a cause for alarm. Individuals indulging in both marijuana and cigarette smoking were found to be 12 times more likely to develop centrilobular emphysema compared to non-smokers. Centrilobular emphysema, a variant of pulmonary emphysema, results in significant damage to the lungs’ air sacs, potentially leading to severe respiratory complications and breathing difficulties.

The Double Whammy of Combined Smoking

Dr. Kang highlighted a concerning trend among the study participants. Although the average duration of marijuana smoking was less than that of cigarette smoking, the fact that marijuana is often smoked unfiltered could result in a higher concentration of harmful particles reaching the lungs. Furthermore, the study found a three to four times higher likelihood of airway wall thickening in individuals who smoked both substances, a condition that can lead to infections, scarring, and additional airway damage.

Synergistic Damage to Lungs and Airways

The research also points to a synergistic effect when combining cigarette and marijuana smoking, exacerbating conditions like centrilobular and paraseptal emphysema. This synergy between the two smoking habits amplifies the risk, suggesting that their combined usage is more harmful than previously thought.

The Call for Further Research and Public Awareness

Dr. Kang emphasizes the need for further investigation into the long-term effects of marijuana smoking. She raises concern over the widespread misconception that marijuana smoking is harmless, advocating for more research in this area. The aim is to provide the public with information necessary to make informed decisions about their recreational use of marijuana.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences in lung health impact between smoking marijuana and cigarettes?
The key differences in lung health impact between smoking marijuana and cigarettes lie in the method of consumption and the substances inhaled. Marijuana smoke often contains more tar and unfiltered particles, potentially leading to more significant lung damage compared to filtered cigarette smoke. However, both have detrimental effects on lung health.
Yes, smoking marijuana can lead to chronic respiratory conditions. Regular marijuana smoking is associated with conditions like bronchitis, and it may exacerbate existing lung issues. The risk increases when combined with cigarette smoking.
The combination of marijuana and cigarette smoking significantly heightens the risk of developing emphysema. This dual exposure amplifies lung damage, leading to a higher incidence of centrilobular emphysema, a condition characterized by damaged air sacs in the lungs.
There is no established safe frequency of marijuana smoking that guarantees no harm to the lungs. Any level of smoke inhalation can potentially lead to lung damage, and the risks increase with frequency and amount of marijuana smoked.
The effects of marijuana smoking on lung health can be partially reversible, especially in the early stages of damage. However, long-term or heavy use can lead to irreversible lung damage, including chronic respiratory conditions and reduced lung function.
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