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Delivery and Shipping costs

CBDSense is based in the Netherlands and ship through all of Europe.

International shipping
All international parcels are being shipped with DPD, except shipping to the UK where we use the services of UPS. With DPD and UPS, you can fully track your order at all times. When your order is being shipped, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking link, so you have up-to-date tracking of your order and its journey to your address. In the table below you can check the shipping costs for your country, how many days deliveries take and from what order amount we will pay for shipping costs.

If you have any questions or your country is not in this list, please contact us, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can!

For shipping to the UK we have to surrender to the service that UPS offers us. If you order before 4 p.m. on a working day, we will ship your order the same day. If you order after 4 p.m., your order will be shipped the next working day.

The times you see on our website are GMT+1 (Amsterdam) times and deviate from the times in the U.K. This means if you order before 15:00 GMT+0 in the U.K., your parcel will be shipped the same day.

CountryShipping costFree shipping fromDelivery time
Netherlands €3,95 €25,00Next day
Belgium €4,95 €45,001-2 days
Germany €4,95 €45,001-2 days
Luxemburg €9,95 €100,001-2 days
France €9,95 €60,002-4 days
United Kingdom €19,95 €150,002-4 days
Denmark €9,95 €100,002 days
Czech Republic €9,95 €100,002-3 days
Poland €9,95 €100,002-3 days
Austria €9,95 €100,002 days
Italy €14,95 €150,002-3 days
Monaco €14,95 €150,002-3 days
Spain €14,95 €150,002-3 days
Ireland €14,95 €150,005-7 days
Portugal €14,95 €150,003-4 days
Sweden €14,95 €150,002-4 days
Estonia €14,95 €150,003-4 days
Hungary €14,95 €150,002-3 days
Lithuania €14,95 €150,003-4 days
Latvia €14,95 €150,003-4 days
Slovenia €14,95 €150,002 days
Slovakia €14,95 €150,002-3 days
Finland €19,95 €200,002-4 days
Bulgaria €19,95 €200,004 days
Greece €19,95 €200,006 days
Croatia €19,95 €200,004 days
Romania €19,95 €200,003-4 days
Barbados €49,95 €200,003-4 weeks
Cyprus €49,95 €200,003-4 weeks
Dominica €49,95 €200,003-4 weeks
Guadeloupe €49,95 €200,003-4 weeks
Martinique €49,95 €200,003-4 weeks
Reunion €49,95 €200,003-4 weeks
Saint Lucia €49,95 €200,003-4 weeks


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