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  • Bernard Vos

Bernard Vos

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Bernard Vos was born in 1984 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He grew up as a middle child on his parent’s farm. Bernard has had a love for nature and biology from an early age. This led to the decision to study ‘biological sciences’ at Fontys college in Eindhoven, after high school.After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Bernard wanted to gain more in-depth knowledge in microbiology and started to study biotechnology at Wageningen University. He got his current title, Doctor of Philosophy, at the University of Johannesburg.Bernard has done a lot of research on medicinal cannabis and became fascinated by this. This fascination inspired him to start the ‘Stichting Wetenschappelijke Cannabis Educatie’or Scientific Cannabis Education Foundation. Benard wanted to use the foundation to share his knowledge and fascination with others. He also decided to write about everything that has to do with medicinal cannabis. That’s how Bernard became our regular blogger. We will keep us up-to-date weekly on the trends and developments concerning CBD and everything that has to do with it.Curious about Bernard’s work? You can read his most recent blogs below.
CBD Gummies Guide: Benefits, Quality & Storage
The World of CBD Gummies CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a hemp plant extract that’s ...
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2 February 2024
three desserts are sitting on a table next to a bag of naturecan.
CBD holiday recipes
Desserts with a hint of CBD Are you planning on serving up a dish with ...
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5 December 2022
a person holding up a small plant in the air.
Is CBD legal in the UK?
CBD has grown in popularity in the UK since 2018 when the UK Government legalised ...
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5 December 2022
a woman with long hair standing in front of a white background.
5 Reasons Why CBD Isn’t Working for You
Trying CBD for the first time is exciting, but not feeling the expected results can ...
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12 September 2022
Dos and Don'ts when buying CBD products
The DO’s and DON’TS When Shopping for CBD
Important Tips For Buying a CBD Product CBD in 2023 is already a hit, so ...
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30 August 2021
a man holding a water bottle with a marijuana leaf on it.
CBD and sport
Intensive activity and CBD Is CBD suitable for athletes? The use of CBD has increased ...
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30 October 2020


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