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  • CBD Skincare
  • Aczedol, purifying CBD cream (against pimples)
Aczedol, purifying CBD cream (against pimples)

Aczedol, purifying CBD cream (against pimples)


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  • Flavour: Tasteless
  • Brand: Cibdol
  • Amount: 50ml
  • CBD: 200mg CBD
  • THC-gehalte: < 0,05%

Cibdol Aczedol

The Aczedol CBD cream of Cibdol is a unique formula that combats pimples.

In addition to CBD, the cream contains other active ingredients that help to control the pimples. Think of panthenol, myricetin, ursolic acid and tetrahydro curcumin. These ingredients cleanse your skin, allowing you to look in the mirror with a happier face.

Aczedol also contains liposomes that cause the active ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin.

Use Aczedol 2-3 times on the wanted areas of your face. Use small quantities. Do not spread the product to wounds or damaged skin. Make sure to avoid contact with the eyes and skin just below, as this causes irritation.

Why liposomes help fight pustules

The liposomes form a protective layer so that the active ingredients are taken directly into your cells. Normally, the ingredients first get into the blood or digestion. Creams without liposomes are therefore less effective. The liposomes feed your skin from within and ensure effective control. Thanks to liposomes, this cream is up to four times more powerful than a normal cream.

Cibdol Aczedol: in brief

  • Combats pustules
  • Purifies your skin
  • Penetrates deep into your skin
  • Helps your skin from the inside
  • Less redness
  • No chemicals
  • Suitable for vegans and people with lactose intolerance

About Cibdol

Cibdol is a Swiss company that has produced CBD oil for many years. The quality of their oils belongs to the highest in the world. A big advantage is that all Cibdol oils are natural because the company does not use chemical agents such as pesticides and other decaying agents. In addition, the CBD oil is particularly powerful. The hemp is grown with a higher CBD content, making sure you get the most from Cibdol’s products. Quality is always guaranteed thanks to a comprehensive testing procedure. All CBD oil from Cibdol is extensively tested in the laboratory, from seed to final product. So, you’re sure you’re never dealing with dangerous bacteria, fungi and other contaminants. Your safety is guaranteed!

Product Content

A jar of Cibdol Aczedol contains 50 ml. The CBD content is 200 mg.

A bottle of Zemadol, nurturing CBD cream next to a glass.
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Aczedol, purifying CBD cream (against pimples)
  • Flavour: Tasteless
  • Brand: Cibdol
  • Amount: 50ml
  • CBD: 200mg
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