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  • Renova – Massage Oil with CBD (100ml) – Lavender, vanilla & orange
Renova – Massage Oil with CBD (100ml) – Lavender, vanilla & orange

Renova – Massage Oil with CBD (100ml) – Lavender, vanilla & orange

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  • Flavour: n/a
  • Brand: Renova
  • Amount: 100ml
  • Percentage CBD: 1%
  • CBD: 1000mg CBD
  • THC-gehalte: < 0,05%
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Just imagine, you’re stretched out on your belly, all relaxed. You hear the top of the bottle of massage oil being unscrewed, the one you’ve just given to your partner. Then you feel two warm hands glide over your back, while the room fills with the delicious scents of orange, vanilla and lavender.

While you’re deliciously relaxed, the carefully selected plant-based oils (such as almond oil) are being absorbed into your skin, along with CBD, the active ingredient in this massage oil with numerous positive qualities.

Unfortunately we’re not always lucky enough to have someone else massage us, but when this is the case, it’s important to really make it count!

Naturally the massage oil is also idea for massaging yourself. The delicious scent alone could even mean that this becomes a daily ritual for you!

Renova CBD Massage Oil summarised

  • Pamper your favourite person with a delightful massage
  • A very special gift for him and her
  • Enjoy a relaxing massage and the benefits of CBD
  • Comes with a delightful and subtle combination of scents: lavender, vanilla and orange
  • Essential oils mixed with almond oil
  • 100% natural

What does CBD massage oil do for your body?

Are you looking for a massage oil for relaxation, an erotic experience or for sports massage? The massage oil from Renova contains CBD as an active ingredient, which means it is useful in each situation.

But did you also know that smell can influence our bodies and minds? Smells are sent from the nose to the limbic system in the brain, where memories and emotions are stored. Certain smells can have an association with an event so that you feel good, or you could be reminded of an unpleasant situation. Smells can also have an effect on your physical, emotional and mental health. Essential oils are used a lot in aromatherapy.

Carefully selected plant-based oils, such as almond oil an others, ensures optimal and especially long-term spreadability. This is exactly what you need when giving or receiving a good massage. Turn it into your own spa experience, or create some wellness at home. Don’t have someone to massage you?

You can also use the massage oil as follows:

  • Add some Renova Massage Oil to a hand or foot bath
  • Apply massage oil to your body yourself after taking a warm shower or bath
  • If your hair is a little bushy, add some massage oil to the ends
  • Just enjoy it as a perfume or scented body oil

What is it about smell?

Are you looking for a delightfully relaxing massage oil, that also smells fantastic? Did you know that smells nourish your conscious and subconscious mind? Smell is the most intimate of senses. This is why the subtle tints of lavender, vanilla and orange make this oil into one of the nicest of its kind.

The wonderful scent not only ensures extra relaxation during the massage, the different aromas of the carefully selected essential oils each has its own therapeutic qualities as well.

  • The lavender fragrance as a very relaxing effect.
  • The scent of orange contributes to a positive mindset and helps relax the body and mind.
  • The sweet fragrance of vanilla improves cognitive skills by stimulating the concentration.

For soft and supple skin

The gentle oil used in the production of these massage oil ensures less friction during the massage. The skin also becomes softer and more supple thanks to the caring ingredients.

Essential Oils

This Renova Massage Oil is enriched with as many as 3 aromatic ethereal oils. Ethereal oils are perhaps better known as essential oils because they contain the true essence of the plant. The oil is indispensable, and therefore essential, for the plant in order to be able to carry out certain functions that are important for the continuation of the plant. These are fleeting aromatic connections which are found in the stems, seeds, bark or rind, leaves, roots, blossoms and other parts of the plants.

This ethereal massage oil is a completely natural product. There are also many other aromatic oils on the market, but these are often produce using synthetic chemicals in order to imitate a particular fragrance. At Renova, the preference is to manufacture the entire product 100% naturally. For this reason, it was decided to use the plant’s own natural scent and not an imitation.

Generally ethereal oils should not be applied to the skin directly, and it is very expensive to use them on large surfaces. This is why this massage oil is mixed with almond oil, with the extra addition of cannabidiol (CBD), the active substance from the cannabis plant. So it contains no artificial aromatic oils, but is a completely pure and natural product. This sweet almond oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave a residual layer. Almond oil is suitable for practically all skin types.

CBD Oil for sports enthusiasts

CBD and sports go very well together, as evidenced by our blog dedicated to the subject. Optimum muscle recovery is extremely important for (top) sports people. A massage can help, in particular when the massage oil used is enriched with CBD, of course.

Naturally produced in Colorado: the hemp state of the USA!

Each bottle of Renova Massage Oil is produced naturally in Colorado, as are all other Renova products. Local farmers monitor the air and soil quality very closely, so that the hemp plants can achieve optimal growth. No pesticides, solvents are other chemical agents are used in the production process of the massage oil, so you are assured of a completely safe and natural product.

A bottle of Renova Massage Oil with CBD (100ml) in Lavender, vanilla & orange.
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Renova – Massage Oil with CBD (100ml) – Lavender, vanilla & orange
  • Flavour: n/a
  • Brand: Renova
  • Amount: 100ml
  • Percentage CBD: 1%
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