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  • Nutrivian Vitamin D3 (100 pieces) – BBE DATE 8-12-2023
Nutrivian Vitamin D3 (100 pieces) – BBE DATE 8-12-2023

Nutrivian Vitamin D3 (100 pieces) – BBE DATE 8-12-2023


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  • Flavour: Tasteless
  • Brand: Nutrivian
  • Amount: 100 pieces

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The body naturally produces vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure (especially exposure to UVB rays). Many people, however, have a vitamin D deficiency, especially in wintertime. Below, you will find information about Nutrivian Vitamin D3 and how it can help you combat the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D3

Given our country’s geographical location, most of its inhabitants routinely get too little exposure to sunlight, which in turn makes their bodies produce insufficient amounts of vitamin D. Many, therefore, suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Our food consumption (especially that of dietary fatty fish such as mackerel, tuna, herring, and salmon) is responsible for a small percentage of vitamin D intake, but we get most of this vitamin from exposure to sunlight. This process only occurs, however, when the UV index is three or more, which only occurs in the Netherlands between the months of May and September, and it is, therefore, essential to ensure you get enough of this vitamin. Fortunately, Nutrivian Vitamin D3 25mg can help with that.

The advantages of taking Nutrivian Vitamin D3 25 mg

Vitamin D contributes to:

  • Healthy calcium levels in the blood
  • The uptake of calcium by the bones
  • Normal intake of calcium and phosphorus
  • The cell division process (mitosis and meiosis)
  • Regular functioning of the immune system
  • Regular functioning of the muscles

Nutrivian’s Vitamin D3 25 mg is strongly recommended during the months with a low UV index and less sunlight but may certainly also be taken in the summer. The two most prominent forms of vitamin D are vitamin D2, known as ergocalciferol, and vitamin D3, which is known as cholecalciferol. While the former is derived from plants, the latter is derived from animal products. Cholecalciferol is also naturally produced by the body after exposure to sunlight and subsequently converted into the active form of Vitamin D – called calcitriol – by the liver and kidneys. This active form helps the intestines to better absorb calcium and thus contributes to bone strength, which is why elderly people are often advised to take vitamin D supplements.

Given the above, it goes without saying that taking one capsule of Nutrivian’s Vitamin D3 25 mg a day is an excellent way of boosting and maintaining the body’s vitamin D levels.


We recommend taking 1 soft gel capsule a day, preferably during or after a meal.
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Nutrivian Vitamin D3 (100 pieces) – BBE DATE 8-12-2023
  • Flavour: Tasteless
  • Brand: Nutrivian
  • Amount: 100 pieces
  • Percentage CBD: 0%
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