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You would like to buy CBD oil, but have no idea where to start looking? We hear this daily. The Internet is full of information about CBD, but the topic is often so complex, that regular Joe has no clue what all those articles are about. We would like to change that, and will briefly describe what you should look for when buying CBD oil.

Difference between CBD oil and cannabis oil

You might have noticed that apart from CBD oil, other terms are used, like cannabis oil, marijuana oil, THC oil and Rick Simpson oil. Are those oils the same product? The answer to that question is no. The big difference between CBD oil—also called hemp oil—and the other oils is that the latter ones contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This is an active ingredient causing a high. In CBD oil, only trace amounts of this substance are found (less than 0,05%), but this oil has a much higher CBD content. Hence, CBD oil does not cause a high.

Legality of CBD oil

CBD oil is completely legal in The Netherlands: Because it contains very low amounts of THC, or even no THC at all, it is not covered by the Dutch Opium Law. This is not the case for THC or cannabis oil, which due to the high percentage of THC is illegal.

Different concentrations?

We offer oils with CBD (Cannabidiol) concentrations of 2.5% up to 10%. This refers to the concentration of the main active ingredient in the oil. The 2.5% oil is the light concentration, the 5% is the medium concentration, and the 10%, 15% and 18% are the highest concentrations. If you are looking for an even higher percentage, you could consider the CBD paste.

  • Light concentration: 2.5% – 75%
  • Medium concentration: 5% – 6%
  • Medium to high concentration: 10%
  • Very high concentration: 15% – 18%


We are often asked how much CBD is the right amount. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to that question. It depends on the individual. We always advise to start with a little dose and increase every day until the dose feels right for you.

How to take

We advise you drop the oil directly under the tongue with the supplied pipette. It will then be absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. You can also mix the drops with water or other beverages. For more information, please take a look at these CBD instructions.

In short, when you buy CBD oil it is important to be well-informed. Indeed, you only want the best quality of oil, made by renowned brands such as Medihemp, Jacob Hooy, or Cibdol. You also want to make sure that the concentration you purchase is the right one, that it is strong enough for you, and not too strong, and consequently, more expensive than necessary. Are you interested in buying cannabis oil: take into account that it is illegal and that its ingredients cannot officially be regulated. This means, that you cannot be sure of the quality of the product. Better would even be making cannabis oil yourself. We would love to get in touch with you to answer all of the questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us via this form.

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