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Improve your sex life with CBD

What can CBD do for your sex life?

CBD is used for many different purposes. This you might know already. But, did you know that CBD is also often used for sex-related problems? You can read all about it in this blog!

A 2017 survey carried out in the UK among 5000 adults indicated that the level of satisfaction with their sex lives has decreased in recent years. Where 46% were still satisfied in 2014 and 45% in 2015, this fell to 34% in 2017. This is according to a report from leading charity organizations Relate and Relationships Scotland.

This dissatisfaction is not only connected with the quality of the sex, but also the frequency in which participants had sex in a particular time period and with each other.

What are the most frequently-occurring sexual problems?

One of the things the survey revealed was that a third (32%) of those questioned had experienced a sexual problem. The survey also indicated that 1 in 5 (19%) of respondents that a low sex drive or a difference in sexual preferences and desires put pressure on the relationship. Even looking at porn was seen as a significant relationship problem.

A third (32%) of British adults indicated having a sexual problem such as loss of sexual desire or having problems with getting or keeping an erection. 37% of women stated to have experienced sexual problems more frequently than men (26%). Among the women, this was mainly due to emotional intimacy, lack of communication between partners, and exhaustion. Among men, communication between partners, stress and sexual dysfunction were indicated as the most important causes.

Given that sexual satisfaction has a strong link with the general quality of the relationship, one’s health and well-being, charity organizations say that more should be done in support of the sex lives of the British nation.

Sexual issues can have many different causes and can be linked to chronic illnesses, conditions or the use of certain medications on the part of the person concerned.

Many occurring sexual problems are:

CBD and vaginal dryness

In order for the vagina to be sufficiently moist, an increased supply of blood to the area is essential. Blood pressure affects vaginal tissue that pushes the moisture outside: this is what makes the vagina supple and ready for penetration. A good supply of blood to the vagina can lead to great sexual desire: the vagina, vulva and clitoris all become more sensitive.

Do you experience pain during love-making? It’s likely that this is caused by too much tension in the muscle tissue or the pelvic floor muscles. CBD can have a relaxing effect and can therefore be highly beneficial in such cases.

a woman sitting on a bed with her legs crossed.

Can CBD lubricant affect my sex life?

Lubricant is a liquid that is applied to one’s intimate parts to reduce any discomfort during sex and to increase pleasure. During foreplay, the vagina becomes moist as a result of increasing sexual arousal. However, whenever a couple decide to have a ‘quickie’ and the vagina is not moist enough, or whenever the vagina does not become sufficiently moist, lubricant can be an absolute godsend.

You are no doubt already aware that CBD products come in many forms and sizes. But did you know that CBD lubricant is even MORE effective than ‘normal’ lubricant? CBD is a relaxant and can therefore have a physical as well as mental effect on your sex life.

How do I make my own CBD lubricant?

CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD and ideal for mixing with your favourite lubricant or gel. These crystals are completely soluble and are also 100% free of THC. You can choose whatever form of lubricant you like and then simply mix the crystals into this. This means you don’t have to switch lubricant brands and you will still benefit from the ultimate sense of relaxation provided by CBD.

One package of CBD crystals contains 500 mg or 1000 mg of CBD. This amount can be added in its entirety to one package of lubricant. Do you want to be able to keep going for longer, or would you like to try it out first to see how it works for you? Then there’s no problem whatsoever in adding fewer crystals to the lubricant. In short: you can make your lubricant as concentrated as you like.

A bottle of Endoca CBD Crystals 99% (1000mg Pure CBD) next to a box of Endoca CBD Crystals 99% (1000mg Pure CBD).

Do you experience discomfort during penetration?

It can happen that the woman experiences discomfort during penetration, which can be (extremely) irritating and unpleasant. While some women find penetration very pleasurable, other women might find it painful and unpleasant. This pain is often experienced as a burning sensation and can often be felt in different places: at the front or back of the vagina or in the lower belly. The pain can sometimes still be felt after intercourse. This pain can mean the insertion of a penis or finger into the vagina is not comfortable or pleasurable for some women.

Causes of pain during penetration

Pain during penetration can be caused by many things, namely:

Do you experience any discomfort during sexual intercourse? Then it is certainly worth trying out CBD. We are happy to explain how CBD can affect sexual discomfort during penetration.

CBD and the endocannabinoid system

The ECS, or ‘EndoCannabinoid System’ might well be one of the most important systems involved in maintaining our general health and well-being. The ECS is millions of years old and is essential for our body’s ‘normal’ functions. Every single living creature, even molluscs and fish, have an ECS. In terms of evolution, therefore, it has been part of our biological system for millions of years.

The ‘endocannabinoids’ and their receptors are located throughout the entire body and their purpose is to keep the body stable, despite influences from outside. The two cannabinoid receptors that are known to date are: CB1 and CB2. These mostly occur in the brains and in the immune system.

Hence the ECS is involved in many primary physical processes. These processes include memory, mood, sleep, pain, the immune system and appetite, for example. So are you experiencing pain, or having problems sleeping? Then it is possible that your body is not stable or ‘in balance’.

CBD is a cannabinoid that can be taken internally. What many people do not know is that CBD and other active substances from the cannabis plan resemble the body’s own cannabinoids and receptors very closely. And this is very good for us! Whenever there is any imbalance, this can be addressed by taking a cannabinoid: like CBD for example. In many cases the ECS comes back into balance and the discomfort eases and disappears.

More information about the ECS and the receptors in our bodies can be found in this blog.

CBD for the libido

The libido, or ‘sex drive’, is a term frequently used to indicate how interested an individual is in sex. Lust (sexual desire) depends on several factors, which means that the libido of men and women can be different. In principle this need not be an issue, but what if your sex drive is much stronger than your partner’s? Or vice versa? This can seriously hinder your sex life.

The libido is influenced by various factors, including:

An important cause of low libido is stress. It has been scientifically proven that one’s libido increases when one is not experiencing any stress. The concept of ‘too stressed out to want sex’ is something that few people talk about even today.

What can CBD do for sex problems?

As you have already able to read in this blog post, CBD works very closely with the body’s own ‘ECS’. This system influences primary bodily functions, and some of these functions also have a significant effect on the libido, such as blood pressure, general mood and the amount of stress experienced, for example. It also applies here that whenever CBD is taken, this can bring the natural ECS back into balance and in this way can help restore the sex drive.

In addition, the relaxing aspect of CBD can play a significant role in increasing the libido; and thus reduce stress.

a woman sitting on a table with a flower in her lap.

Another cause: pelvic floor muscles are too tight

An overly tight pelvic floor, also known as an over-active pelvic floor, can be very annoying. Very often men and women both are not even aware that the pelvic floor is responsible for unexplained complaints – well, unexplained at the time.

Is the pelvic floor constantly active? This can cause acidification. Acidification occurs mainly when the muscles are tightened for too long, and especially too intensively. This can also create considerable discomfort during lovemaking. For some women, an over-active pelvic floor can make sex without pain almost impossible. Also, it is impossible for both men and women to achieve an orgasm when the pelvic floor is too tight.

Because CBD can bring about mental as well as physical relaxation, you can also use it to address the issue of an over-active pelvic floor.

CBD and erectile dysfunction

When the penis become stiff, we refer to this as an erection. 1 in 10 men regularly experience some form of erectile dysfunction. Erectile problems can have many different causes:

Is there erectile dysfunction? This has to do with a reduced blood flow to the penis. A healthy lifestyle is important and certainly recommended when someone is suffering from erectile dysfunction. CBD can support such a lifestyle.

a blue letter o with a white background.

But what if you don’t achieve orgasm?

For some people, achieving a sexual climax is not so easy. There are many who do not manage to successfully reach orgasm. There are many possible reasons for this.

Psychological factors

Feelings of shame, guilt, or a bad sexual experience or relationship, for example, can all be reasons why an individual cannot achieve an orgasm. Other possible psychological reasons can be a fear of losing control, for example, or a fear of intimacy, or not having sexual fantasies.

Physical factors

Illness, the use of medication, or pain during lovemaking can be physical reasons for an inability to reach orgasm.

How can I use CBD to improve my sex life?

CBD can be linked to the orgasm. The ECS, the body’s own network of neurochemical pathways and the central nervous system, also plays a significant role. Research has been conducted into the values of the endocannabinoids in both men and women, before and after masturbation, until they reach orgasm. What did it turn up? That the orgasm most definitely affects the amounts of neurotransmitters and endocannabinoids in the body. From this, scientists have been able to conclude that our body’s own endocannabinoid system plays a role in the orgasm.

In summary: CBD can be a good supplement when someone is suffering from sexual problems, and can be deployed in these situations in various different ways:

Would you like to know more about CBD?

If you still have any questions after reading this blog, or are you curious about which of our products might best suit you? Naturally we are ready and willing to you help with this! Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Would you like to know more about CBD? Take a look at our other blog posts!

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