CBD Olie Top 5

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  • Medihemp Huile de CBD RAW 5% (10ml)


1. Medihemp CBD Oil – 5% CBD – 10ml

Our CBD Oil by MediHemp with 5% CBD is by far our number one! This is because the product is perfect for your first CBD purchase. This 10ml bottle contains about 200 drops of CBD oil. This bottle is our number one because of the combination between a great price and with an average of 5%, you can treat almost anything with this oil.

This product is 100% legal
100% natural, no unnecessary ingredients
5% CBD – 10ml – 200 drops

  • Medihemp Huile de CBD RAW 10% (10ml)


2. Medihemp CBD olie – 10% CBD – 10ml

This powerful CBD oil has a percentage of 10% high quality CBD. People with more serious and severe conditions often choose the 10% because this is the most powerfull CBD oil.

Our most powerfull CBD oil
100% natural and legal
10% CBD – 10ml – 200 drops

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    Medihemp Huile CBD RAW 5% (30ml)

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3. Medihemp CBD Olie – 5% CBD – 30ml

Most customers who have ordered the number 1 on this list, choose the 30ml for their second order. The oil in this bottle is exactly the same as the 10ml but you can order this bigger 30ml bottle for a better price. The CBD oil by Medihemp is the most popular and reliable brand which is 100% legal. This bottle contains approximately 600 drops.

This product is 100% legal
Good price
100% natural, so no unnecessary ingredients
5% CBD – 30ml – 600 drops

  • Medihemp CBD Capsules Huile de Graine de Chanvre Raw (25mg)


4. Medihemp CBD Capsules – 5% CBD – 30 pcs

These CBD capsules have lots of advantages and are very popular. These capsules contain the same high quality CBD oil as the 5% bottle by Medihemp. Taking these casules with water or any other beverage is very easy and you won’t taste the oil because it’ll dissolve when it reaches your stomach. Always get the same perfect dose and very handy when you are traveling!

Perfect dose, every time
Handy when traveling
No bitter taste
5% CBD – 30 pcs

  • Jacob Hooy Huile de CBD RAW 2,75% (30ml)


5. Jacob Hooy CBD oil – 2,75% – 30ml

The renowned brand Jacob Hooy also offers CBD oil. Jacob Hooy hemp seeds are peeled and then cold pressed. This ensures that all the healthy nutrients of hemp seeds stay perfectly intact. As a result, the oil is rich in various vitamins, minerals, essential high-quality protein, omega 3-6 and linoleic acid.

Good price
Brand: Jacob Hooy
2,75% CBD – 30ml – 600 drops