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Renova – CBD oil 5% for cats

Renova – CBD oil 5% for cats


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  • Flavour: Natural
  • Brand: Renova
  • Amount: 10ml
  • Percentage CBD: 5%
  • CBD: 500mg CBD
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Cat guardians generally have a very strong bond with their cats. And honestly, is there anything nicer that snuggling with your beloved furry feline? Is your cat getting older and finding life a little tougher now? Or is he excitable and very easily stimulated? Then CBD could be a good supplement for him.

CBD is not only beneficial for humans; it can also help animals, including cats. The CBD oil from Renova supports your darling kitty’s physical and mental well-being ‘purrfectly’! This CBD oil also contains useful ingredients that your cat or kitten will also really enjoy, such as fish and olive oil.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol and is found mainly in the cannabis or hemp plant. CBD is a plant-based cannabidiol produced by the plant to prevent infestations. In addition to protecting the plant, a plant-based cannabinoid like CBD has other uses. They can be ingested in the form of CBD oil, for example. CBD has a special interaction with the human or animal body, in particular for physical and mental balance.

Is CBD suitable for cats?

When taking CBD, the system known as the ‘endocannabinoid system (ECS)’ plays a significant role. It’s not just people, animals also have ECS systems. The ECS has major influence on important bodily functions that contribute to the optimum daily functions and activities. These functions include sleep, pain perception, mood, memory and the appetite.

The ECS can also be knocked out of balance. You see this when your cat starts to behave differently, or displays physical discomfort. CBD can supplement the ECS and bring your cat back in balance, so that he or she is physically and mentally back in optimum form.

Renova CBD oil is suitable for cats that:

  • Are physically and mentally imbalanced
  • Have little or no appetite
  • Hide constantly
  • Do not want to use the litter tray
  • Eat unsuitable items
  • Cry without a specific reason
  • Show aggression towards other animals
  • Live in a household with other cats

Can my cat get high from CBD oil?

CBD is an active substance from the cannabis plant; just like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). There’s a reason CBD and THC are often mixed up. CBD and THC both come from the cannabis plant, but there are major differences between these active substances. THC is psychotropic, which means that it causes a high when ingested. THC is used mainly for recreation, for example in a joint.

The CBD oil for cats has 0.0% THC and lots of CBD. CBD is not psychotropic, so it is absolutely impossible for your cat to get high from it. Nor is it possible to overdose with CBD, which means it is completely safe for your cat to ingest.

“Renova CBD oil for cats: designed to support your cat’s well-being naturally.”

With CBG: for the entourage effect
CBD oil for cats contains mainly CBD as an active ingredient. A small amount of CBG (cannabigerol) is also added to the oil. Just like CBD, CBG is an active cannabinoid from the hemp plant, and is also used because of its many beneficial properties. Adding CBG to this oil has everything to do with what is known as the ‘entourage effect’: the active substances work together and can strengthen and enhance each other.

With added vitamin E
In addition to CBD and CBG, CBD oil for cats also contains vitamin E, which protects important substances in your cat’s body. It is a natural anti-oxidant and also helps support the immune system.

Regular CBD oil versus CBD oil for cats Regular CBD oil CBD oil for cats
Flavour Grassy, bitter Fish oil flavour
Ingredients CBD, hemp seed oil CBD, CBG, Vitamin E, fish oil, olive oil
Application Drops under the tongue Drops applied to the animal’s mouth or over their food.
Dosage 5 – 15 drops per day Up to a maximum of 2-3 drops, 3 times a day.

How do you give CBD oil to a cat?

The CBD oil for cats is supplied in a pipette vial. The desired dosage can be dropped into the cat’s mouth using the pipette. When the oil is administered using the pipette, the CBD is absorbed quickly through the mucous membranes under the tongue.

However, most cats don’t enjoy having the oil dripped directly into their mouths. This is not a problem, you can also add the required drops of oil to the cat’s food. In this case, it takes longer for the CBD to be absorbed into the cat’s body; most of the CBD administered in this manner is absorbed through the intestines.

How much CBD oil should I give my cat?

The idea dosage depends on the individual cat. We advise starting with a very low dosage and increasing it very gradually, if necessary. Please note: CBD has a build-up period of approximately 14 days. It is normal if the desired effect is not achieved immediately. In order to give the CBD the chance to work with your cat, we recommend using the CBD oil on a daily basis for one month, minimum.

Renova CBD oil for cats, summarised:

  • Renova CBD oil for cats, summarised:
  • Also for your feline companion: high-quality CBD and CBG
  • Flavoured with fish oil, which cats love!
  • Animal-friendly: contains 0.0% THC

Renova CBD oil for cats: naturally produced in Colorado: the hemp state of the USA!
Each vial is produced naturally in Colorado, as are all other Renova products. Local farmers monitor the air and soil quality very closely, so that the hemp plants can grow under the best conditions. No pesticides, solvents are other chemical agents are used in the production process of the CBD oil for cats, so you are assured of a completely safe and natural product.

a bottle of Renova - CBD oil 5% for cats next to a box of Renova - CBD oil 5% for cats.
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Renova – CBD oil 5% for cats
  • Flavour: Naturel
  • Brand: Renova
  • Amount: 10ml
  • Percentage CBD: 5%
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