Medihemp CBD oil bio from now on known as ‘Medihemp CBD Oil Pure’

Important news for Medihemp’s organic CBD oil enthusiasts: from now on the name of this CBD oil has been changed to ‘Medihemp CBD Oil Pure’. In addition to the name change, the packaging has also been renewed.  It is the same product, so you do not have to worry that your trusted CBD oil has changed.

Are you not familiar with this oil yet? Or do you want to refresh your memory? Then read on, because below we briefly explain everything about CBD oil Pure.

CBD oil Pure and CBD oil RAW

There are roughly two different types of CBD oil. The first type is called CBD oil RAW. The CBD in this oil is recovered using a method called CO2 extraction. This extraction method ensures that other important cannabinoids such as CBD-a, CBC, CBN, CBV and CBG are retained.CBD oil RAW can be widely used thanks to the presence of other cannabinoids. Moreover, this oil is relatively inexpensive because the whole hemp plant is used for production. A disadvantage is that there is less pure CBD in the oil. Moreover, the taste of this CBD oil is somewhat bitter and sharp.

CBD oil Pure: the name says it all

CBD oil Pure is extracted via heating. In contrast to CO2 extraction, this extraction method ensures that only CBD remains. The other cannabinoids are lost during the heating process. This oil therefore only contains pure CBD. Hence the name: CBD oil Pure. The big advantage of this oil is the soft, nutty taste. This oil is also produced in a completely organic way. A disadvantage of this pure CBD oil is the price. Only the buds of the plant are used during production because they contain the most CBD. As a result, this CBD oil is more expensive than the other variant. Below is a summary of the plus and minus points of both types of oils:


  • Also contains other important cannabinoids, such as CBD-a, CBV and CBG, CBC and CBN
  • Cheaper than organic CBD oil, because the whole plant is used
  • Contains less pure CBD
  • Bitter and sharp taste

CBD Oil Pure

  • Contains more of the pure CBD
  • Soft nutty taste
  • More expensive than RAW oil, because only the tops of the plants are used

When buy CBD oil pure?

We understand that it can be difficult to choose a specific CBD oil. Thus, we would like to advise you in which situation it is best you buy pure CBD oil. Answer the following questions:

1. Do you find it important that the oil has a pleasant, soft and nutty taste?

2. Do you value the fact that the oil was produced in a completely organic way?

3. Are you looking for a pure CBD oil for your situation without other cannabinoids? If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more questions, we advise you to order CBD oil Pure.