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What is Rick Simpson Oil?
Rick Simpson Oil is prohibited in most countries. Because the dosage THC is to high in this oil, most countries don’t allow for it to be sold. THC is a psycho-active ingredient which causes all kinds of side-effects. Our CBD oil products do not cause these side-effects but still contains the most important ingredient; CBD.
Alternatives for Rick Simpson Oil
Alternatives to Rick Simpson Oil are the products you can find in our CBD oil section. The oils you find on this page have a very low, negligible amount of THC in them, so most countries allow the sale of these products. Off course the very important ingredient CBD is present in a very high dosage. This is the ingredient with very many medical advantages for all kinds of different diseases and disorders.
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  • Jacob Hooy CBD Oil 5% (10ml)

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    199,95 174,95
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    Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (30ml)

    205,50 184,90
  • Cibdol CBD Olive oil 4% (30ml)

  • Cibdol CBD Olive oil 4% (10ml)

  • Jacob Hooy CBD Oil 2,75% (30ml)

  • Jacob Hooy CBD Oil 2,75% (10ml)

  • Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 2,5% (30ml)

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    Medihemp CBD Oil Pure 10% (30ml)

    286,50 257,80
  • Medihemp CBD Oil Pure 10% (10ml)

  • Medihemp CBD Oil Pure 5% (30ml)

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  • Medihemp CBD Oil Pure 2,5% (10ml)

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  • Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (10ml)

  • Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 5% (30ml)

  • Medihemp organic hemp seed oil from shelled hemp seeds (250ml)

  • Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 2,5% (10ml)

  • Medihemp CBD Oil Pure 5% (10ml)

  • Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 5% (10ml)


Rick Simpson oil

A lot of people think they know exactly what the effect of marijuana is. The plant is however more complex than you think. The cannabis plant consists of 480 active components, of which only 80 are characteristic for marijuana. Marijuana has a complex composition and can influence human receptors in many ways. Rick Simpson is one of the persons who discovered that marijuana does not only have a psychoactive, but can also have a healing effect on the brain.

Rick Simpson, the creator!

Rick Simpson is an engineer from Canada. Because of an accident that occurred to him he started to focus on cannabis and how it could help him during his recovery. In 1997 Rick Simpson was working in a hospital, where he was covering asbestos. He made use of Spray adhesive in a badly ventilated area and inhaled this adhesive, which caused a temporary shock in his nervous system. When this happened he was standing on a ladder and he fell down on his head. When he regained consciousness he went to look for help. In the hospital he explained what had happened to him and he told the doctor that he felt his head was going to explode. Rick Simpson was told to go home after a few hours, but he kept feeling sick and his head began ringing. He went back to the hospital and received medication because of his high blood pressure, but nothing helped. Therefore he started to focus on the effect of cannabis and he developed his own oil, Rick Simpson oil.

Rick Simpson oil

In Rick Simpson oil the well-known substance of the cannabisplant THC, or Tetrahydrocannabidiol, can be found. THC is known for its psychoactive effect on the brain. It stimulates the brain and causes the release of dopamine. People mostly take some marijuana to experience these effects. Besides THC the oil also consists of CBD, or cannabidiol. This substance can also be found in a cannabisplant. Of CBD can be said that it has a medical effect. Other than THC CBD does not have a psychoactive effect which influences your consciousness. CBD can only be used by means of CBD oil for its medical properties. If you use it combined with THC, as is the case in Rick Simpson oil, you will experience a nice and euphoric feeling.

How do THC and CBD work?

The medicinal effect of THC is being explained by its sedative effects. This would cause pain and inflammation to reduce. Besides that the sedative effects would provide relaxation and reduce the stress that is caused by a decrease of our mental and physical well-being. Other substances of marijuana could have an indirect effect on the effect of THC, but CBD influences THC the most. This substance makes sure that the effects that derive from THC stay balanced. Effects that can be caused by just taking THC, like confusion, are suppressed or not even experienced while using CBD. CBD can also be used alone, for instance by using CBD oil. More and more studies are conducted to research this substance, as it could treat different problems of the nerve system such as inflammation, migraine, chronic pain, arthritis, spasms, epilepsy and schizophrenia.

Studies concerning CBD

We will highlight some important studies which have shown the positive effects of CBD on several types of cancer:
In 2008 research has been conducted on the effects of CBD on blood cancer. The study revealed that CBD can slow the multiplication and growth of cancer cells down and will degenerate some cancer cells. (Expression of cannabinoid receptors type 1 and type 2 in non-Hodgkin lymphoma: Growth inhibition by receptor activation (2008)).
A research conducted in 2013 showed that CBD can also degenerate cancer cells when somebody is suffering from prostate cancer. (Non-THC cannabinoids inhibit prostate carcinoma growth in vitro and in vivo: pro-apoptotic effects and underlying mechanisms (2013))
In 2010 the effect of CBD on breast cancer was studied. Research showed that CBD slows the spread of cancer down and reduces the tumor size. (Pathways mediating the effects of cannabidiol on the reduction of breast cancer cell proliferation, invasion, and metastasis (2010)

Rick Simpson indicates that he can cure 75% of all people suffering from cancer, who do not have been treated with chemotherapy yet, with his Rick Simpson oil. Also people with terminal cancer would benefit from using the oil. According to him the oil will not only work for people with cancer, but also for people with skin conditions. When this seemed to work he started to focus on people with melanoma and glaucoma. The first test subject Rick Simpson worked with experienced positive effects, the cancer would have been cured and the symptoms had been reduced. This made his reputation grow and more and more people wanted to know about this, which made Rick Simpson oil very popular. Rick Simpson has meanwhile treated more than 5000 people.

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