Often woke up at night

I am in a little bit of a brawl with the flask because it doesn’t close well and leaks a bit, but the results are great. I was a difficult sleeper but a couple of drops of the CBD oil about an hour before I go to bed, and it’s much better! I sleep throughout the night, and sleep so well that sometimes I don’t even hear my alarm clock.

Greetz, Jessica

Response of CBDSense.com: Good to hear that you sleep so much better with CBD, those are the stories we like hearing! Concerning the leaking flask: if there is oil between the flask and the cap, for instance, because the pipette is leveled off on the flask, it is possible that the flask will not close properly anymore and starts leaking. This can easily be prevented by cleaning the neck of the bottle regularly with a piece of cloth.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (10ml)