My son’s epilepsy

I am giving my son the oil for three months now and the attacks have become a lot less severe and freqeunt. It’s a real panacea they did not lie on the internet. It is quite expensive though. I am on welfare and actually can’t pay for it but for your kid you’d do everything of course. when will it be covered by health insurance?

Response of Dear Miranda, it is hard for us to say. Luckily, CBD gets international renown at this point, and because of all the success stories the government has to make a move, that is what we think anyway: CBD should be recognized as medication. As soon as that happens, there is a chance that health insurances will pay for it. Of course, this is what we hope for because CBD will then become available to everyone. Unfortunately, this might still take many years.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Bio Oil 5% (30ml)