I woke up with migraine, took 5 drops on an empty stomach and felt the sickness go right away, after twice more 5 drops. Felt the pain get less and less. Took another 5 drops around 15:00h and again at 18:00h. The migraine just disappeared completely. I was meeting a friend that night, normally leaving at half past ten because I’m sleepy. But now I was wide awake being cheerful and I left at twelve thinking I’d feel horrible the next day. I’m quite sensitive to going to bed late. But the next day I woke up normal, not crazy fit, but without a headache or migraine. I took another 5 drops. Felt really calm in my head, But I was so glad that I wasn’t knock out in bed the entire day.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 5% (30ml)