High blood pressure

I usually don’t do this, write things like these, but you should praise when praise is due! You have helped me so much. Starting from a really friendly email conversation, with as a result an order for capsules for my high blood pressure and an attempt to quit smoking. The two are probably related, but it feels as if CBD gave me that final push I needed to throw out that last pack of cigarettes.

I take two capsules each day and my blood pressure (often around 180) is back to an average of let’s say 130-140? Nothing to worry about according to my doctor. He was also quite satisfied that I didn’t touch a cigarette in 2 months. It is rather hard but I am determined to keep this up!

Once again thanks for the care and all the best with the website!


Used product: Medihemp CBD Capsules Raw Hempseed Oil (25mg)