Chronic depression generalized anxiety disorder

More than 10 years the above-mentioned issues, hard to live with really. Several, some very long, institutionalizations. Got so many types of antidepressants., nothing helped, now on the MAO-inhibitor Nardil since 2.5 years. Went well, but the side effects like insomnia, being on a diet, gaining a lot of weight, increase in appetite, loss of libido. Then there was another ‘event’ that I couldn’t deal with emotionally and despite the Nardil I just went right back into the depression, bad. Via an acquaintance I was directed to CBD oil, never heard of. Didn’t do anything with it at first. Two weeks ago I was in so deep though, that I just couldn’t see a way out anymore. I ordered the CBD oil 10% and asked how to use it on the website. Two times 5 drops. The first two days I had a major headache. Sent them an email, drink lots of water after taking the drops. The second day I also took two drops before sleeping. Normally it takes (despite sleeping pills) almost three hours before I fall asleep. Now I was gone within the hour. On day six my body still felt so heavy in the morning. But in the afternoon I just started cleaning, dusting and doing the kitchen. I had more energy, felt more like doing things and during the course of the day it really felt like something had changed.

The deep and black was just gone, like three quarters less or so. My head literally had more space, more room and air, I was worrying less. The weeks and months of crying before, just crying. I did not feel the need to cry anymore. I just had strength and energy again. I can’t really explain it . Years and year with those wretches pills and all these terrible side effects, for which they prescribe more pills! Psychiatrists should really try cbd oil first…but then they’d probably lose their jobs. OK maybe I am too quick in judging now. My anxiety is still there, I didn’t really notice any difference to be honest. But it really does feel like something has altered completely in my brain. Really, everyone out there who is depressed and has not seen a family doctor and has not taken that junk yet, I’d really advise cbd oil.

It is a natural product after all without any side effects. I’m not there yet. I have no idea what the cdb will do after this. But if it does have more effect I hope I can reduce the Nardil and the sleeping pills. Will probably take a while to kick those. I have been stuffed almost 10 years with those things by psychiatrists. I’ll continue with the cbd and hope it will go a long way. Yeah!

Used product: Medihemp CBD Bio Oil 10% (10ml)