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Preventive use of CBD - Better night sleep after a few days of use

Mia - 29/01/2017

i was curious about the effects of CBD oil, didn’t have complaints really. Took 6 drops and what amazed me the first day was that I actually had a good night rest and slept great the next two nights as well but that I dreamed so much.
also feel like I am calmer(more relaxed).
I’ll give the oil to my white Swiss shepherd who has itches all the time(allergic to beef), kinda curious what happens.
to be continued.

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD oil 2,75% (30 ml)

Warts, sole of the foot

Judith - 26/01/2017

Put a drop of CBD oil on the collection of warts on the sole of my daughter’s foot every evening before going to bed. Cover it with plaster and sock. Did this for a couple of weeks and COMPLETELY gone!

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD oil 2,75% (30 ml)


Lisa - 25/01/2017

I woke up with migraine, took 5 drops on an empty stomach and felt the sickness go right away, after twice more 5 drops. Felt the pain get less and less. Took another 5 drops around 15:00h and again at 18:00h. The migraine just disappeared completely. I was meeting a friend that night, normally leaving at half past ten because I’m sleepy. But now I was wide awake being cheerful and I left at twelve thinking I’d feel horrible the next day. I’m quite sensitive to going to bed late. But the next day I woke up normal, not crazy fit, but without a headache or migraine. I took another 5 drops. Felt really calm in my head, But I was so glad that I wasn’t knock out in bed the entire day.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 5% (30ml)

Severe depression, serious anxiety disorder

Anna - 22/01/2017

I have to tell you this. Did I mention that I am having a chronic depression and anxiety disorder for almost 10 years now? Was institutionalized a bunch of times, lots of medication, still today. I talked to you on the 9th of January about the headache, and used the drops for two days, so from the 7th of January onwards. I have the cbd oil raw 10% 2 x 5 drops daily, but I also take 5 drops before going to bed. I was stuck in such a bad, heavy depression. Just crying, no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel, not able to do anything, thoughts of giving up, a dark black hole, did not feel any love and couldn’t give any either. Since last Tuesday I started doing things around the house again, noticed that I had more energy and felt ‘lighter’ in my head. The really, deep, dark and black was gone for 70%! The heavy, mulling was so much less! The day before I even cried extensively when my former colleague was visiting, said I really had no clue anymore, that I just didn’t see a way out anymore. My psychologist wanted to institutionalize again but I really do not want that again. I still don’t get it. Sleeping is so much better, normally takes me 2 to 3 hours, now only an hour. No side effects at all, drink enough to prevent headache afterward. I put the drops on a spoon of fruit yogurt, it’s so gross. Am still anxious from time to time but who knows, the cbd oil might do more later on. I might not be there yet, but there’s a start. That feeling when there is strength to go on again, that it is worth continuing. Incredible, psychiatrists should try this before giving me all these antidepressants right away. It’s a pity that it is so expensive but it’s totally worth it.

Health insurance should cover this, seriously. Thanks!

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (10ml)

Chronic depression generalized anxiety disorder

Wendy - 16/01/2017

More than 10 years the above-mentioned issues, hard to live with really. Several, some very long, institutionalizations. Got so many types of antidepressants., nothing helped, now on the MAO-inhibitor Nardil since 2.5 years. Went well, but the side effects like insomnia, being on a diet, gaining a lot of weight, increase in appetite, loss of libido. Then there was another ‘event’ that I couldn’t deal with emotionally and despite the Nardil I just went right back into the depression, bad. Via an acquaintance I was directed to CBD oil, never heard of. Didn’t do anything with it at first. Two weeks ago I was in so deep though, that I just couldn’t see a way out anymore. I ordered the CBD oil 10% and asked how to use it on the website. Two times 5 drops. The first two days I had a major headache. Sent them an email, drink lots of water after taking the drops. The second day I also took two drops before sleeping. Normally it takes (despite sleeping pills) almost three hours before I fall asleep. Now I was gone within the hour. On day six my body still felt so heavy in the morning. But in the afternoon I just started cleaning, dusting and doing the kitchen. I had more energy, felt more like doing things and during the course of the day it really felt like something had changed.

The deep and black was just gone, like three quarters less or so. My head literally had more space, more room and air, I was worrying less. The weeks and months of crying before, just crying. I did not feel the need to cry anymore. I just had strength and energy again. I can’t really explain it . Years and year with those wretches pills and all these terrible side effects, for which they prescribe more pills! Psychiatrists should really try cbd oil first…but then they’d probably lose their jobs. OK maybe I am too quick in judging now. My anxiety is still there, I didn’t really notice any difference to be honest. But it really does feel like something has altered completely in my brain. Really, everyone out there who is depressed and has not seen a family doctor and has not taken that junk yet, I’d really advise cbd oil.

It is a natural product after all without any side effects. I’m not there yet. I have no idea what the cdb will do after this. But if it does have more effect I hope I can reduce the Nardil and the sleeping pills. Will probably take a while to kick those. I have been stuffed almost 10 years with those things by psychiatrists. I’ll continue with the cbd and hope it will go a long way. Yeah!

Used product: Medihemp CBD Bio Oil 10% (10ml)


John - 13/01/2017

By inhaling CBD, my shortness of breath is much much less. I don’t use an e cigarette but an ultrasonic nebulizer.
Why don’t you sell that product? You only sell the vape liquid. It’s really bad for your lungs. A pity.

Used product: CBD E-liquid (10ml)


Anonymous - 11/01/2017

I took 2 types of medication for my bladder and prostate. Woke up so often at night with the painful urge to have to go and pee. In the meanwhile I had started using CBD oil and I noticed that the painful urge disappeared and that I had to get up much less (about once a night). When I ran out of meds I just stopped using them, and now, a month later, I still have the same experience.

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD oil 2,75% (30 ml)

Bechterew's disease

Johnson - 10/01/2017

I used 7 painkillers a day, which corrode the mucosal wall of the intestines after a while.

Since June 30th 2016 I’m using cannabis oil, so it’s half a year later now, and I am only using one painkiller a day and 4 daily drops of cannabis oil (under the tongue).
I feel so much better, pain is a lot less and I sleep well. Better than taking all those chemical things!

Used product: Other CBD product

Joint pain, inflamed tendons and muscles

Sylvia J. - 04/01/2017

I’m in pain for years due to weight issues.

The problem is the attachment of the tendons and muscles to the bone, which got inflamed after intensive use. And well…that’s painful. About a year ago I carefully started with the cbd 4% and I feel like I could use a bit more by now.

It just takes the edges of the pain for me. Also…I’m in the menopause and can be quite moody.

That doesn’t really bother me ☺ but it does bother those around me. Since I am using the 10% that has gotten better as well, I’m calmer and fell less hyped all the time, less irritated by things I don’t like.

All in all… indeed … a miracle in a bottle

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (30ml)

chronic pain

Freya - 02/01/2017

I have a question.
I take 3 drops, three times a day. I’ve been doing this for a while now and don’t really notice anything. How long do I stick to this dose before I can increase it?
And how long before it starts working?

Response of CBDSense.com: Unfortunately, three days is not enough to determine if CBD oil is effective in your specific case. The CBD-concentration needs time to build up in the body. This means that it must be used for about a fortnight before the results will take effect. Please do let us know what the effects are after that period!

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD oil 2,75% (10 ml)

Back-joint issues, migraine, jaw pain

Monique - 01/01/2017

I read and heard a lot about CBD oil/tincture. I am quite skeptical, I have to see it to believe it. A month or two ago I started the CBD tincture 5%.

My back- and joint issues (i.a. a worn out back and pelvis and knees and EDS) aren’t resolved (yet), and I’m still taking painkillers, but it does relieve the pain. Especially in the evening, when the normal painkillers have worn off, I notice that with the CBD tincture the pain in my back and knees is a lot less.

I also tried CBD oil 10%.
I don’t really notice a difference in pain relieve all that much. After a nasty root canal treatment and heavy pain afterward, I took 4 or 5 drops CBD oil 10%.
Because I was impatient and wanted the pain to go, I also took 2 paracetamol.

After about 15 minutes, my tooth/jaw ache was just gone! And that can’t be the paracetamol because those don’t work after 15 minutes!
I also notice my migraines are occurring less frequently and are milder.

Before the CBD oil I woke up 3 to 4 times a week with this annoying ‘hungover’ like feeling that later often turned into a migraine attack. Since I started using the CBD oil I wake up normally in the morning, and with a clear head.
That the CBD oil relaxes I notice especially in my joins. I suffer from Ehlers-Danlos (weak tendons and ligaments causing unhinged joints). My knees and hips fail me a bit more now, that’s not the greatest side effect…but well… 😉

I still can’t get used to the taste though, I think it tastes bad and is just really prominent (I keep the drops/tincture under my tongue for over a minute)

But it’s easily solved by eating chocolate afterward.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (10ml)

Often woke up at night

Jessica - 24/12/2016

I am in a little bit of a brawl with the flask because it doesn’t close well and leaks a bit, but the results are great. I was a difficult sleeper but a couple of drops of the CBD oil about an hour before I go to bed, and it’s much better! I sleep throughout the night, and sleep so well that sometimes I don’t even hear my alarm clock.

Greetz, Jessica

Response of CBDSense.com: Good to hear that you sleep so much better with CBD, those are the stories we like hearing! Concerning the leaking flask: if there is oil between the flask and the cap, for instance, because the pipette is leveled off on the flask, it is possible that the flask will not close properly anymore and starts leaking. This can easily be prevented by cleaning the neck of the bottle regularly with a piece of cloth.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (10ml)


Owen - 20/12/2016

I am 69 years old and 3 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. My lungs are in a bad state, I only have about 32% capacity left. But I do not stay at home and just live my life and even go out and do sports 4 times a week. Apart from the COBD I also have high blood pressure and a mild form of diabetes and I am fatigued quickly, some people have all the luck. I have a whole bunch of pills that I have to take every day and I really do not feel like doing that. I am a headstrong person and my pulmonologist does not like that too much but honestly I do not really care, haha. Since a couple of weeks I am taking CPD capsules and I have to say, I feel quite well now. Unfortunately I’m not a twenty year old anymore, but I guess no pill in the world could make that happen, haha.

Anyway, thanks for listening. All the best!

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (10ml)


Audrey - 16/12/2016

I suffered from chronic headaches and took so many paracetamol and ibuprofen and what not that I felt like a medicine cabinet. Took CBD once just to give it a shot and I noticed right away that the headaches were there less frequent and less severe. Sure, it tastes like motor oil but it works. Thumbs up!

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 5% (10ml)


Albert - 13/12/2016

Hi. I am using the oil for about 4 months for my fibromyalgia. After these 4 months I still have not gotten used to the taste. But ah well, it works. The last 2 weeks I was on holidays but I didn’t dare take the oil along because I was in Turkey and you never know with such countries. I noticed it got worse after a couple of days already. Had a good time there, but I also have to say that I was happy to be home and could use the oil against the pain.

Used product: Medihemp Biological CBD Oil 5% (10ml)


johnny berendsen - 12/12/2016

the oil works great!!!! so happy with that stuff!!! i’m a regular!!!!
See ya johnny

Used product: Endoca CBD Oil 15% (10ml)

My son’s epilepsy

Miranda S. - 11/12/2016

I am giving my son the oil for three months now and the attacks have become a lot less severe and freqeunt. It’s a real panacea they did not lie on the internet. It is quite expensive though. I am on welfare and actually can’t pay for it but for your kid you’d do everything of course. when will it be covered by health insurance?

Response of CBDSense.com: Dear Miranda, it is hard for us to say. Luckily, CBD gets international renown at this point, and because of all the success stories the government has to make a move, that is what we think anyway: CBD should be recognized as medication. As soon as that happens, there is a chance that health insurances will pay for it. Of course, this is what we hope for because CBD will then become available to everyone. Unfortunately, this might still take many years.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Bio Oil 5% (30ml)

Pain in the lower back

Anonymous - 10/12/2016

For years now I’m taking Diclofenac for pain in the lower back. In the reform house I was advised to give CBD oil a try and I did. The complaints are a lot less now that I’m using cbd oil compared to when I was using Diclofenac, which I reduced a lot over the last weeks. Ordered a new jar of cbd right away but this time from the internet so I don’t have to leave the house—quite practical.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 5% (30ml)

Several complaints

Isabelle Mitchell - 09/12/2016

Can’t really tell if this stuff works for me because I have only been using it for 3 days but I have a stomach ache for a while now and I wonder if it can be due to the oil?

Response of CBDSense.com: Dear Tonnie, we hear this more often. Mostly it is related to insufficient hydration when taking the CBD. So, drink a large glass of water after you take the drops, and we are 99% certain the stomach ache will disappear.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Bio Oil 10% (10ml)

Psoriasis on elbow and lower arm

Charlotte - 08/12/2016

So, guys, hereby my experience with the crème as promised. For years now I have psoriasis, earlier on my (lower)back, shoulders, forehead, elbows and arms but after some heavy medication like Davonex and Dovobet most of that disappeared. Only on my elbows and forearms it is more persistent.

I stopped with the medication before because it is terrible for the skin, but the psoriasis returned time and again. By now I have also tried a bunch of natural substances but they did not work until I encountered the Jacob Hooy CBD-crème. Gave it another shot, there is nothing to lose right?!

The psoriasis disappeared slowly but this time without heavy medication! Whoohooo! I apply it every couple of days and for now it is gone. I have to say that it still has not disappeared on the elbows and arm, but I am so happy with the current results. I am thinking about buying the drops to substitute. Maybe then the last nasty spots will go as well.

We’ll see!

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD cream


Lauren - 07/12/2016

Had an accident 12 years ago causing a neck injury and a persistent tinnitus. I have ups and downs but the beep in my ears is just really troublesome. My wife recently told me about cbdoil on TV and that it could help agianst tinnitus. Tried that. Took like 7 or 8 days before it really got less. The doctor said it will never go away completely but I have to say it is a lot quieter in my head.

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD oil 2,75% (30 ml)


Alex - 07/12/2016

I suffer from sarcoidosis for 10 years now, which means random inflammations in my body. After some months of back pain I decided to try the oil because the other option would have been heavy pain medications. Within three days the pain was gone. Incredible that this is not well known yet, probably because its 100* cheaper than the established medical order…..

Used product: Medihemp Biological CBD Oil 5% (10ml)

Rheumatism / pain

Chloe - 22/11/2016

I have been using the drops for a little over 6 months now and successfully so. Not all pain is gone but at least I can control it now. Unfortunately I cannot get used to the oil in my mouth. The 30 seconds under the tongue seem so disgusting it appears to be a year instead.
Luckily I saw there are now chewing gums on the website as well and I ordered those right away. They are indeed nice and fresh and are ideal because I wanted to take 10-15 mg a day.

Used product: Endoca CBD chewinggum (10 pieces) – Mint

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Leo r - 20/11/2016

Since I started using CBD every day I feel much better and fitter during the day. I take CBD 4 times in the morning and repeat this twice throughout the day. Before I go to bed I take 4 or 5 drops. After 12 o clock, I simply fall asleep easier. It does not always go as easy as I want to but luckily I notice the improvment. Since a couple of weeks I am doing great. It is such an improvement to get through the day without pain. After two weeks the pain was much less and I was so glad. There are days that I have more pain so it is not working miracles (which would be no pain at all).

Sometimes, on a day when the pain is severe, I just use my old medication as well, and that helps . My intestines are calmed down EVEN more so to speak. That works really well.

CBD helps me I think, but the pain still need to be reduced more. So I think I will continue using CBD for a while.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (10ml)

Allergy, dog

Olivia - 03/11/2016

Our doggy Dribble has an allergic spot on her leg for years, she kept licking/biting her wounds making it worse and worse. All kinds of pills and powders that the vet gave were ineffective even Prednisone did nothing. She also had a problem walking, as if there was something wrong with her hip.

Looked around a bit on the internet and eventually read about the oil and the found you. I bought a 2.5% jar and tried it right away. It was a bit hard to give it to the dog but my husband thought of putting it on a cracker! The oil is absorbed by the cracker and believe me, she does eat that!

It has been two months now and guess what: Dribble does not have allergies anymore and her hip problems have gone. I have to mention that she was in a dog hotel this summer, so maybe the hip problems resulted from the increased amount of exercise (playing with other dogs).
Either way, my husband and I are really happy with the result!

Used product: Medihemp Biological CBD Oil 5% (10ml)


Muhammad - 01/11/2016

Have been using CBD oil 5% for 2 months now… Relieves the pain although I think the effect is a bit less because I use a stimulant as well…but I still notice that sleeping goes much better … Use about three times a day 5 drops in the beginning a bit less but now 3*5 goes quite well.

Had some problems with my stool too but that’s much better now as well…waking up is harder…but I can use the relaxation…it’s really nice.

Used product: Other CBD product

Cold arms and legs

Dirk S. - 28/10/2016

Since about 3 years, I have these cold arms and legs. When I make certain movements, like getting out of my chair, I get the feeling as if there were a cold chill. It feels like my hands and feet are icy but they really are nice and warm. Sometimes it is the left and sometimes the right side, sometimes both. I had several examinations at the vascular doctor but he couldn’t find anything.

Eventually I something on TV about CBD oil which made me curious. I started using it and voila, now more or less 6 weeks later and I hardly have any issues anymore. It might be coincidence but I think this stuff actually works! I’m so glad!

Used product: Medihemp CBD Bio Oil 5% (30ml)

Stomach issues

Anonymous - 26/10/2016

Years and years I had stomach complaints and took medication. In the beginning I forgot to take the drops every day and then they did not do much. I was then told that CBD only starts working after a couple of weeks. After taking CBD drops for two weeks I got results and I now take close to no other medication anymore. Really great!!

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 5% (10ml)

Hot flushes in the menopause

Noah - 25/10/2016

using CBD for some time for my hot flushes cause im in menopause. At some point i had like 20 an hour seriously horrible. now with the oil much less am so happy. sleeping better too was also a problem. my husband is also taking cause he slept terrible as well but better now too.

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD oil 2,75% (30 ml)

Stress / burnout

Michael - 21/10/2016

Am home, sick, since 6 months after a period of lots of stress at work. Had lots of conversations with the company doctor and he advised to take it easy and stop working for a while. Sitting at home made it worse though so back to work for an even harder blow. Back at home for another couple of months again. What can you do? Internet! Found your site like that and ordered a flask. I noticed I got calmer. Maybe it is in my head but I really think it works. By now I have been working half days again and I think it won’t be long before I can start full time again. Make sure you have enough flasks in stock . :-):-):-)

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 5% (30ml)

Vague complaints

Anonymous - 18/10/2016

For years I have these vague complaints that not doctor seems to be able to pin down. I the end I learned about THC oil. This helped with restoring a certain calm, rest, in my body but I also take heavy antidepressants and that stuff made me even more crazy. THC is not suitable for me apparently. Then I found CBD oil, which is good for my body but also for ‘up there’. I even sleep better because of the oil which is a nice side effect. If it stays like this I would be more than satisfied.

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD oil 2,75% (100 ml)

Joint pains

William - 11/10/2016

I’m a nurse in a retirement home and already a while back heard about CBD oil. Fred, a really sweet old man on my department has had joint pains for yeeeears. I decided to give it a try and ordered a flask for him.

After 1 week I started noticing improvements in Fred and after two weeks hs pains were noticeable reduced. I subsequently decreased his painkiller dose and he is in much less pain now than before with those darn painkillers that made him so numb.

So on behalf of Fred and me many thanks! Thanks as well for the great service!

Best, William

Used product: Medihemp Biological CBD Oil 5% (10ml)

Teenage acne

Eva - 04/10/2016

My son is in puberty and what you don’t want at that age and in the prime of your life, indeed, pimples! Poor kid. ☺

Luckily for him his mom tries to do what she can and scanned the entire internet for whatever might help him. After trying just about every gel and lotion he got quite fed up because nothing worked. As last resort we turned to nature and like this I ended up with the Jacob Hooy crème.

I have to say: it doesn’t smell all that good (it stinks, to be precise), but it does what the other things didn’t do: help cure that annoying acne.!

You made my little guy very happy. He’s self-confident again and can go chase after girls again! ☺

Greetings from a happy mom!

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD cream

Period cramps

Anonymous - 29/09/2016

Super happy with the CBDoil!I have these terrible period cramps, so bad that we could hardly get enough boxes of Advil. I had to take stomach protectors at some point becuase I took so many painkillers during my period.
By now I’ve been using it for 4 months and it is so much better, really. During my period I take about 12-15 drops daily and the rest of the time I take 3-5 a day. I’m not sure if this is necessary but this works and I don’t want to go back to those terrible pains. Great product!

Used product: Cibdol CBD Olive oil 4% (30ml)

Problems sleeping

Jack - 22/09/2016

As side effects of medication, i got severe sleeping problems. I didn’t sleep a second. now i use 3-5 drps before going to bed and i have to say i sleep like a lamb. I dislike the taste tho. But i just saw you have peppermint as so ill ordre that the next time.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Bio Oil 10% (10ml)

High blood pressure

Oliver Davis - 18/09/2016

I usually don’t do this, write things like these, but you should praise when praise is due! You have helped me so much. Starting from a really friendly email conversation, with as a result an order for capsules for my high blood pressure and an attempt to quit smoking. The two are probably related, but it feels as if CBD gave me that final push I needed to throw out that last pack of cigarettes.

I take two capsules each day and my blood pressure (often around 180) is back to an average of let’s say 130-140? Nothing to worry about according to my doctor. He was also quite satisfied that I didn’t touch a cigarette in 2 months. It is rather hard but I am determined to keep this up!

Once again thanks for the care and all the best with the website!


Used product: Medihemp CBD Capsules Raw Hempseed Oil (25mg)

Nerve pain in neck and back

Adam Hall - 09/09/2016

Using the oil since January. Use it about 10 times a day, more if I have severe pains. What I notice is that the tingling in my body has been reduced and also the pains in my neck and back are a lot less. . I take much less medication , and my body seems to accept that because the pain does not increase. Good oil, good website, nice thank you card. Keep on keeping on!

Used product: Medihemp CBD Oil RAW 10% (10ml)


Anonymous - 04/09/2016

I started using it because I had frequent muscle spasms after a surgery. I can say that they are completely gone now.

Used product: Jacob Hooy CBD oil 2,75% (10 ml)


Theodore - 28/08/2016

I am having palpitation for some time now. My brother in law informed me about cbd oil. He told me about the positive characteristics. Eventually I also tried it, and guess what, half an hour later I noticed my palpitations were much, much less. A couple of hours later and they were all gone.

I now use 20 drops throughout the day and basically don’t have palpitations anymore. Fantastic stuff!

Used product: Medihemp Biological CBD Oil 5% (10ml)

Diabetes (type2)

Anonymous - 18/08/2016

I have diabetes (type2), and unfortunately got quite some kidney problems as well. For years I have been using regular medication for this but because they are pretty strong I checked for alternatives in the homeopathic corner. This is how I found CBD oil.

By now I have been able to reduce my medication to an acceptable level and I am using the oil (capsules these days) as additional support. I am doing better now than when I was relying completely on the medication so I am really helped by this wonderful product!
Totally recommend to those who share my fate!

Used product: Medihemp CBD Capsules Raw Hempseed Oil (25mg)


Will - 11/08/2016

Had lots of stress at work. tried everything. I am usingthe capsules since two months now. Feel so much more calm and am sleeping much better.

Used product: Medihemp CBD Capsules Raw Hempseed Oil (25mg)

Sleeping disorder

Anonymous - 10/08/2016

About two months ago, I’ve bought CBD oil 10ml at Cbcsense.com. I choose the Tincture, because I’ve tasted the regulair oil, but was not happy about the taste. At first it was hard to get the right dosage. For the last twee weeks I take 5 drops mixed with orange juice, every morning and every night. I only taste the orangje juice! This is the best way for me.

I’ve got sleep issues. It takes forever for me to fall asleep. I was alwasy tired, because I had to get up in the morning for work. But this last week, falling asleep hasn’t been so hard for me!

It’s hard to describe, but I feel less stressed and fall asleep in about 20 minutes. I hope this CBC tincture will continue to help me. At first I was sceptic, but now I can say I’m enthousiastic about this product.

CBDSense.com: Unfortunately the tincture with CBD is no longer in production and the taste of the naturel Medihemp oil is much better because of a renewed recipe.

Used product: Medihemp CBD oils

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