Medihemp’s CBD oil is thinner, lighter and taste different

Nature is beautiful, but not a single day is the same. Since Medihemp produces natural products, the taste, color and substance will vary by batch. This depends on the conditions during the growth of the plants (sun, rain, climate, plant type, soil, etc.). But it is also a sign that Medihemp does not add chemicals or other substances to adjust the CBD extract. The plants produce different values for substances depending on the circumstances, so the plants contain a slightly different ratio of cannabidoids, terpenes, etc. The CBD content is strictly monitored throughout the process. After the process of extraction, a thick CBD paste remains. The thickness is due to the presence of natural waxes.

The CBD Oil Raw of Medihemp now has a new formula that increases bio-availability. This means that the cannabidoids can be absorbed even better by the body. Medihemp has found a way to extract the previously mentioned waxes from the extract. This explains why the new oil is lighter in color and thinner in substance. The CBD content is of course measured again in the final product, so that the CBD content meets the standard.

That means you currently have an even better product, than you already used to have from Medihemp. We hope that it is completely clear what the difference is.