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What is CBD oil?
CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. This substance is made from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants. By using selective breeding techniques, CBD Oil is very rich in CBD, and contains almost no THC. So there are no negative side effects like getting high or getting addicted, but only the medicinal ingredient remains.
How do you use CBD?
Just put a few drops in your mouth and you’re done. Most customers need some time to get used to the taste of CBD oil but found that this is a very small price to pay for all the good it does!
If you want the best tasting oil, go for biological CBD Oil. There is a big taste difference between the regular and the biological oil.
Is CBD oil legal?
Yes, because you can’t get high on CBD oil, all ingredients are 100% legal.
Not a psychoactive
CBD does, unlike THC, not cause a high. In this way, it gives the oil and other products a big advantage as a medicine. The main reason is that the use of CBD causes no side effects.
  • Medihemp Huile de graines de chanvre biologiques pelées (250ml)

  • Medihemp CBD Capsules Huile de Graine de Chanvre Raw (25mg)

  • Medihemp Huile Graines de chanvre organique Plus CBD – 240mg

  • Medihemp Pâte CBD – 18% (12gr)

  • Jacoy Hooy CBD crème (50 ml)

  • Jacob Hooy CBD huile de la peau (100 ml)

  • Jacob Hooy CBD savon (120 ml)

  • Endoca Chewing-gum de CBD (10 pièces) – Menthe

  • Endoca CBD Cristaux 98% (500mg Pure CBD)

  • Endoca Capsules de CBD 15% (30 pièces)

  • Endoca Capsules de CBD 3% (30 pièces)

  • Hemptouch Crème de visage nourrissante avec CBD (50 ml)

  • Hemptouch onguent avec CBD pour la peau irrité (50ml)

  • Hemptouch onguent avec CBD pour la peau à problèmes (50 ml)

  • Hemptouch nettoyant purifiant visage avec huile de chanvre (150ml)

  • Hemptouch shampooing & gel douche chanvre (250ml)

  • Hemptouch crème de visage apaisante avec CBD (50ml)


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